Stories about spring breakers in March & April,  intense humidity  fromMay-September, along with summer rains might have taken Florida off your warm-weather vacation list, but for a lot of Sunshine State destinations, summer is actually the best time of year to visit. With a little thoughtful planning, you can enjoy the Sunshine State all summer long without so much as a sunburn.

Higher humidity means that off-road summer spots can be a little too insect-friendly during the warmer months, so it’s a good idea to stay armed with bug spray if you’re planning to spend time out on the trails or in the water.

Finally, don’t stop at shielding your skin – you won’t want to skip out on investing in a great pair of sunglasses, especially if you want to truly take advantage of all of the outdoor adventuring Florida has to offer.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

While summer showers and mid-day heat shouldn’t scare you away from a Florida vacation, a little thoughtful pre-planning can ensure that your summer holiday is hassle-free. More often than not, those infamous Florida summer showers are quick and light, and if you’re willing to wait them out they can result in beautiful mid-day rainbows and breathtakingly colorful beach sunsets.

Still, you don’t want to spend your whole trip dodging drizzle, so it’s a good idea to plan walking tours and boating excursions for early in the day so you won’t be interrupted by afternoon rain. The hottest hours of the day are mid-afternoon, so beat the heat by planning mid-day indoor adventures – there are plenty to be had, from museums to shopping to indoor skydiving, and it will give you a refreshing break from the rays.